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New Patient Packet

Prepare for Your Visit: Download Our New Patient Packet and Complete it in Advance for a Seamless Experience.

1. New Patient Packet

Ingrown Toenail Care

Elevate Your Footcare: Download Now for Expert Tips on Ingrown Toenail Management.

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Instructions For Contrast Baths

Enhance Recovery: Follow our Contrast Baths Instructions for an Effective and Therapeutic Rehabilitation Experience.

Instructions For Crutches

Navigate with Confidence: Download Your Guide for Effective Crutch Use Now.

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2. Ingrown Toenail Care
4. Instructions For Crutches
3. Instructions For Contrast Baths
5. Consent To Treat A Minor
Doctor's Desk

Consent To Treat A Minor

Prepare for Your Visit: Download and Fill Out Our Minor Consent Form in Advance for a Hassle-Free Treatment Experience.

6. Release of Information - Send

Release of Information-Send

A 'Release of Information -Send' asks another entity to share specific information with Phoenix Foot & Ankle.

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7. Release of Information - Request
Therapy Session

Release of Information-Request

An 'Information-Release Request' asks Phoenix Foot & Ankle to share details of your visit with someone else.

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